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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For you are not alone....Micheal

(Blanket, Prince 1 and Paris)

Yesterday I was flipping thru the channnels on the tube when suddenly ‘This is it” came into view. Now I’ve been dying to watch the show, the last show MJ never got to show the world his comeback from his untimely departure.

Those who have watched ‘This Is It” am sure would scoff at the rumours that had haunted Micheal’s life. How could such a soulful, sensitive guy like him could have EVER possibly do such a despicable thing claimed by the boy years earlier, breaking micheal’s soul into pieces like that? As much as I want to hope that boy and those who hurt him will now regret deeply, I know Micheal will not wish anyone ill when he is alive, nor when he is no longer on earth, so I’ll not dwell on it, but I will say this, “You people are DESPICABLE and DISGUST me”

When I first heard the news about the allegations of the great MJ molesting the boy, I was astounded, as I’m sure many of his hardcore fans would. Its prespostorous!
Before I go on further, I must clarify that I’m no hardcore fan of Micheal’s, though after watching this is it, I’m a convert fan of Micheal now.

While watching MJ in ways fans had never before seen in “This Is It”, only further strengthen my beliefs that MJ had been hurt deeply inside his soul. You can see, with every word he utters from his lips are words of LOVE to his co-workers. He has such an air of grace I just couldn’t describe, it has this calming effect that makes you want to hug micheal and protect him. I can now understand why Elizabeth Taylor felt such a way for MJ in her words during one of her interviews I had read from a magazine or seen on tv, I can’t recall.

When Micheal speaks, he commands your attention in a way that doesn’t even sound superior. How he does it I will never know, but his voice penetrates your soul and his songs ‘speaks’ to you which explains why fans around the world understands him. He’s a rare gem amongst the sea of people in this world that touches your inner being, and I believe not many people in this world could nearly come close to have such an angelic grace as Micheal.

Micheal oozes feelings of Love around him, watching him you could feel his passion for life. I watch with sadness how such a great man is nearly reduced to bones, for indeed Micheal seems quite skeletal, making me wonder if he ever had stop to dwell on his health. Could stress had make him that way, I wondered? Then I became angered, for I believe it was all those hateful people who wrote and say hateful things about Micheal that had hurt him and made him look like that.

(Micheal With Prince 1 and Paris, all photos taken from OK!

If anything, you could tell Micheal is sad....its in his eyes, you could almost see a scar in his fragile soul, and yet the most beautiful thing about Micheal is you don’t see any anger or resentment towards the people who had did this to him, who had hurt his pride and his soul, not to mention his career.

I don’t recall any news during Micheal’s horror of going to and fro at court did he ever uttered a single hateful word or remark to the people who brought him that hummiliating experience.
There were many hurtful and unnecessary jest on Micheal from that day on, but not many saw how broken hearted he was during that time, only his close friends and family was cruel...downright cruel and unecessary to such a beautiful man like Micheal.

I never knew Micheal personally, nor will I ever have, but I can say he is a true friend to his family, friends and to his fans. I say that because, Micheal has touched my life, with his songs, and with his smile. I have heard stories of fans getting thru with thier lives just by listening to his songs of wisdom and love.

Micheal is in a good place now, a place where he is forever loved and never misunderstood, a place where no one can ever hurt him or break him again. I can ‘see’ him smilling above us, watching us, his family, his friends....and his fans.

We shall forever miss him, I will forever miss him...and yes indeed I had wept tears of sadness for the lost of a good friend, the lost of a GREAT MAN, Micheal Jackson....YOU ARE THE KING OF OUR HEARTS, WE LOVE YOU MICHEAL.....for YOU ARE NOT ALONE....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Knock, knock!.....No one's There......

Its odd isn’t it? I normally update at least 2-3 times of my blog once a year, but oddly enough I didn’t do it this year, and its nearing the end of 2010.

I’d probably lose touch with some of my journalistic instinct of late, or high likely I’m just feeling too lazy to update. Whichever it was, I’m back for now.

So, what compelled me to write just now? Well, I was browsing thru the net to look for a second hand True Singapore Ghost Stories Book 6 on the google search engine but came up with none. (By the way, if anyone has one to sell, Please OH PLEASE for the love of ME, do sell it to me, I want to add it to my almost complete collection of that book!)

Then I came across this site, which let our fellow malaysians tell thier personal experiences on being spook on local places in Malaysia. Yes, Highland Tower is quite a popular tales in the site, most interestingly enough, Genting Highlands has one of the most comments from their readers. While reading thru the stories of each individual, I was transported back to my own ghostly experiences.

I don’t talk much about this incident because I still get teary eyed and traumatized because its the closest encounter I had ever had.

It was back in 2005, November 11th. I was only 19 years old then, living with my boyfriend and I was re-sitting the SPM because I’d failed BM (For the first time in my life I must add! I had NEVER failed my BM until then. I blame the bahasa literature for that thank you very much~!)

My boyfriend’s family decided to take a family vacation in Genting, we ended up at Ria Apartments, Pahang tower I recalled. Back then I only heard the rumour about the white lady floating up and down the apartment windows and I didn’t dwell much about it as we were exhuasted from packing and unloading the things from the car and waiting to be registered.

(The stuffs and Me)

I had to say before I go on that I’m a very religious person and the supernatural phenomena interest me greatly as much as I respect them as well. Therefore I see no reason on a logical basis why I was disturbed back then.

The odd thing was, the moment I stepped into the apartment, it felt not right somehow. I chided myself for I was sure I was just being sensitive. I did not mention anything to the others and the day went by like it should in any normal days.

However, on the second last night if I recalled correctly the boys (My guy has 2 other brothers and one sister) had just finished playing cards and everyone was back in bed in the early morning and I was the only left awake in the room pooring over my books, studying (YES, I WAS STUDYING SWEAR TO GOD TO THOSE WHO KNOWS ME LOL) while my guy lay sprawled on the bed dead beat asleep.

I’m very superstitious as well and when we walked into the room earlier I noted that the dressing table mirror was facing directly to the foot of the bad we were supposed to sleep.
Unhappy, I told my boyfriend about it and we managed to not let our feets face the mirror and moved the bed abit. There were two rooms in the apartment, we took the second room beside the toilet towards the end while the rest of the family members took the main room beside which has its own bathroom attached to it.

I digress, back to my story while I was studiously pondering over my Moral studies and Bahasa exercise books it was somewhere between 2am to about 4am in the morning and there was no mist, everything was dark and quiet when suddenly I heard footsteps outside my door heading towards the toilet beside our room. I looked at the slit beneath the door and saw the shadow of a pair of feet and saw the light turned on in the bathroom. I thought it was my boyfriends younger brother (the one after him, K) and look at the door expectantly for him to come in and check on me to help me study as he takes his studies very seriously, but “Odd” I thought to myself when I saw the light being turned off and the directions of the footsteps headed to the hall and into the kitchen but no lights were turned on!


Now, I know K as we’re quite close and I see no logic for him to not switch on the lights and not checking up on me when he could clearly see our bedroom light was on. Then, right out of the blue while I was pondering this and wonder if I should head out to the hall the most eeriest thing happen, someone knocked on the door 3x times! I freaked out badly, I nearly jumped on the bed and woke my boyfriend up. When I woke him up and told him what happened he just got up and opened the door. But nobody was there! It was just pitch dark at the hallway, and thinking it might be his brother’s joke, just to make sure we checked on the master bedroom only to find everyone sprawled on thier beds peacefully asleep. K was heavily asleep as you can hear him snore and he wasn’t in a position of pretence sleeping cause my guy when up and nudge him. K’s mouth was open and theres no way he was the culprit.

Furthermore, what made the alarm bells in my head start ringing was when I realised there was no need for anyone to use the bathroom beside us as the master bedroom has thier own bathroom!!!

I shivered and my boyfriend ordered me to go to sleep, I did not argue and begged him to not let his hands and body away from mine the rest of our sleep.

The next morning as everyone was either lounging or getting ready to pack to leave I gathered everyone and asked them in a serious manner “Which one of you guys got up around this time and used the bathroom and knocked on our door??”

K strongly assured me he didn’t and I believe him, neither were the two younger sibblings and they pointed out the same thing that made my skin crawl, why would any of them use the outside bathroom when theres one in the master bedroom? It deffinitely wasn’t thier dad either for he’s incapable of doing such a trick since he was way deep in dreamland.

Now how in logics name could any of these things happen when NO ONE clearly was about that hour and the wind could not have possibly knock on the door either because it was a sharp, consistent knock that only a human could have done......

I become cold with fear each time I recall the incident....I was really frightened and I wasn’t expecting anything or thinking about the supernatural when these things happen.....

Still, this did not deter me from reading about other people’s experiences of the supernaturals or hearing about it. It only serves and strenghten my beliefs that there is life after death and in that place, no money on earth can help you.

So, tell me if you have an encounter yourselves!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

InHumane Cruelty Of China's Society Dog Hungry Murderers!!

As I sit here and type about this cruelty, tears would not stop nor would the ache in my heart for this is what I passionately apprehend when it comes to God's beautiful creatures, creatures who has been part of our daily lives and have not been a nuisance to mankind except to be their helpers in needs....our "SOUL MATES" as one would call I would....

It is long known that people in china has been cruel to animals, what is it about them that creates such need or necessity for that matter to be such murderers towards our best friends?

From fur trades to dog meats....Is it really a necessity in life to acquire this from our furry friends?

Apart from this monstrosity, it didn't seem to declare such need nor haste for much plight in our society. Have these people no shame? do they know that ancestors from around the world are being slandered for their inhumane cruelty?

Being Chinese...this affected me as do I tell people I'm partly Chinese with this shame? I'm only comforted by the thought that I was not born nor being bred from that country, and am PROUD FULLY UNASHAMED to say so!!

I do not know how much of a "VOICE" I could do to help ease their ( Dogs in the videos) soul's but I'm well going to make sure their plight is being heard by not only blogging about it, yet making people from around the world who knows me, hear their plight thru posting this video.

So PLEASE...I'M Begging you readers out there, post this and pass this around as much as you can. DO YOUR PART in spreading this awareness to all animal lovers and people alike so that our 'Friends' did not die in vain. Blog, share the link in FB or Friendsters or the likes of it, email, send the files thru MSN, BE THIER VOICE!!!

It took me awhile to stomach this, and YOU CAN TOO! for the cruelty in the hands of these DOG MURDERERS who needs to be punish in the voice of JUSTICE!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

**BoOm BoOM, ShAkE, ShAkE..LeTs PaRtyyy!!!** (p3)

After being bored in the V.I.P area, sweet B and me headed back to join the crowd in bumping and screaming while professing thier undying love to B.E.P's at the stage area. I'll let the pictures do the "Talking" enjoy ma~cheries!!

"Arthur! Arthur!"

"The Stage"

"Taboo &"

"Towards the end of the show...."

"The crowd / Fans"

"The Confetti Celebrations!!"

"The Fireworks Display!~!"

It was to say, an awesome night filled with music, thanks to B.E.P and display of lights. Though we had some unpleasantries during the concert we had fun too!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blck EyE PeaS *V*I*P* StyLe (P2)

So, after going thru the detectors *before you ask, yes there were detectors. They were scanning our body heat in case of h1n1* We were in and going thru another check up line.

Finally we were in and walking on....

Sweet B Walking ahead, passing by the Lions Cage

Party was moving on full swing with Reshmonu

Thanks to my Uncle who was invited into the V.i.P area as a guest, he was allowed to bring in guest of his own....US!




Then guess who we met!!! (Yeah...some of you probably know already thru my FB =P)


_***Hitz.Fm J.J!!**_

After we took this shot with J.J, a photographer requested for both Sweet B and Yours Truly to posed with J.J for his Mag/Newspaper shot. Regretted so much that we didn't ask which mag/newspaper he was from!!! AAAAARRGGHHH!!!

Aitez, this is all for p2, more pictures on p3!

As ze' french would say...Au revour~!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's Eating Arthur's Grape?.......Guiness Of Course! =) *Part 1*

So, woke up around 2pm something yesterday, and saw I had several messages on my nokia phone screen.

Hmmffph! sigh and went thru the list and checked what it was, didn't know I'm about to have a lucky streak coming along.

Aunt R's msg was intriguing, she'd asked if anyone was interested to buy 3 tickets to Arthur's day worth RM103 for RM60 each instead!!

I didn't kid myself that I'd be able to go since am flat out, so are my parents so I'd grogily replied that I would look for buyers.

Well, turns out Facebook is deffinately the way to go if you want to get rid of things faster than you can say S-A-L-E!.

Sweetie B emmidiately score the sale of the tickets, which left one remaining. Therefore I'd inform my aunt and my aunt went like...."Eh, you don't want to go ar Trisha?" and I was like "Em...want..but can't afford."

She keep silent for awhile and then said something incredulous~! "Tell you what, you take the remaining ticket, its on me. Go and have fun!!" I could hug my aunt if it weren't bcos we were on the phone!

So, after much debating and hot heated arguments with said partner. He relented to let me go with sweetie B and her BF.

Only, B's bf couldn't make it and suddenly partner seem very keen to go. So I'd gotten the remaining ticket for him instead. B's friend who wanted it first was very unhappy...poor guy~! I'm so sorry!

Before that, sweetie B couldn't sit still and keep asking me to go and ask me to plead to said partner. LOL...managed to create suspense for her, which she could have strangled me for it (She said it herself! hehe, sorry B darling!)

Then the topic when on to...."OMGosh!! what to wear??" and honestly, I'm always trying to got for antique sophistication. Simple and elegant they always say, and comfort too!

We'd decided on jeans and top. Had to change into several tops that would fit partner's bill on decent and this is the turnout below;

( have an bfre dress up party wear)

(After picture, notice the Goth look? thanks to Sweetie B for the make-over! *winks* xoxo~!)

So, once done with the dressing we took off flight for the show to cut a long story short. =)

More to come once the camera's ready to upload, am having some technicalities with the cam. Who knew camera could get viruses as well? Boo-hoo-hoo..cross your fingers that they'll be safe to upload soon!

I'll post up more of our journey during the concert, so watch this space! *Keeping fingers tightly crossed!!*

Hint on p2 Journeying to Arthur's Revenue~!

*You'll never guess who we meet in the V.I.P lounge area!!* (Yesssh, you heard right! V.I.P baybeh, HoW?? Wait for p2..hehehe..)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Say's I C-A-N'-T COOK??!!!

About a coupla months back, think somewhere in May/June, darlin T.T.Y aka Bestie came to my house and we did some cooking.

Yes, yes..I can already hear the horrendous *Gasp!* everyone of you fear. And NO, we didn't managed to poison ourselves *LOL!*

In fact, cooking turned out delicious! and my partner and his sister are LIVE witnesses to this.

Here's a look at what we cooked!......(Hold your breaths now!...)


ta-daaaa......!! What do y'all think? sumptuous isn't it!

Great, just got myself hungry again~!

ah~well! toodles.....